8 Low-Maintenance Outdoor Plants for the Busy Gardener

8 Low-Maintenance Outdoor Plants for the Busy Gardener

Keeping a garden can seem like an intimidating task. It's daunting especially for someone who is a beginner! We've rounded up eight plants that can handle tough love. So even if you don't have a green thumb, they'll still survive and thrive!      


1. Wave Petunias - This plant requires little pruning. Just sprinkle with a little fertilizer, water frequently, and enjoy the color these guys bring all summer long. 

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2. Yarrow - This flowering plant requires full sun and poor soil. You don't even have to fertilize to get these lovely flower heads. 

3. Hosta - Plant once and forget the rest! This perennial is my kind of plant. Little water, sun or shade, this plant thrives when you basically ignore it!

4. Impatiens - You don't need a green thumb to get these to blossom. They come in almost every color, and if you have a bright spot indoors, they can blossom all year long! 

5. Primrose - Creating thick, luscious, and fragrant bushes, Primrose plants are show-stoppingly beautiful. Flowering mostly in the spring months, these plants do well  in full sun or lightly shaded areas. 

6. Pot Marigold - Another colorful flower, these fun blooms come in all sorts of cheery yellow and orange hues. Make sure to plant in a pot with fast drainage, deadhead as needed, and you'll enjoy this plant all season long. 

7. Daylily - Although each bloom lasts only one day, each plant produces several at a time. Water these plants each time you water your lawn and they'll grow continuously. 

8. Four O'Clock - This trumpet-shaped annual does best in full sun, but can take some shade. They quickly blossom and thrive in almost any type of soil. The best part? They keep your garden smelling great all summer long!

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Jennifer on May 24, 2015:

Four O'clocks will take over and get out of control.  

Sophia on Apr 18, 2015:

In order for Stella de Ora day lilies to rebloom you have to cut the spent stalks of flowers otherwise the plant is going to produce seeds in the pods where the flowers use to be. The plant will rebloom instead of spending energy to produce the seed . Good luck!

carla on Apr 11, 2015:

Hostas?? Mine always die; they're puny and usually get eaten (large holes or pieces of leaf gone) by something.

Anonymous on Feb 03, 2015:

I have Stella de Ora day lilies tht re suppose to rebloom. I live in zone 6a but they never rebloom. The first blooms are prolific. I have divide them and they still don't rebloom. Their leaves in the heat of zone 6a turn brown and I have decided that it's time to plant something else. One plant I love is the sun begonias. I put soil moist along with fertilizer and potting soil in my pots nd they look so nice. They don't require a huge amount of water either.

Jeanio on May 23, 2013:

I love your choices but have a couple of suggestions. Here in the northeast there is an impatiens blight so be careful just to buy New Guine impatiens. Hosta are great perrenials but watch out for deer and slugs. I so wish I could have yarrow and Queen Anne's Lace but I don't have enough sun. Have fun gardening.

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