Before and After: 5 Inspiring Porch and Patio Makeovers

Before and After: 5 Inspiring Porch and Patio Makeovers

Sometimes I wish I had a patio, just so I could give it a makeover. All of these outdoor spaces began as bare, not-so-inviting areas... but with a little imagination and some elbow grease, each one became something very special.   


In the makeover above, beautiful diamond-shaped pavers ground the whole space and give it a touch of modern glamour. The lights and fireplace also pack a big punch, casting a warm glow over the table. See more photos of this transformation over at Southern Living. 

Lighting plays a big part in this makeover as well. And bold colored furniture and accessories make the patio really pop. Head on over to The Handmade Home to read more about the process. 

Color is an important element on this patio too, adding brightness to an otherwise drab space. And that pile of fluffy pillows makes the loveseat look very inviting! Check out the rest of the photos at Hi Sugarplum.

Here, the owner added a pergola for some extra shade and privacy. Flowers and plants gave it the warmth that it lacked, and some new furniture made it easier to relax outside. Head on over to Better Homes and Gardens for more ideas.

And last but certainly not least is this modern makeover in southern California. The landscape architect gave the owners more privacy by adding a wall on one side, and gave the space some structure with rectangular pavers and strategically placed shrubbery. Read the full article over on LA Times. 

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