Roundup: 8 Easy Outdoor Lighting Projects

Roundup: 8 Easy Outdoor Lighting Projects

Lighting is a crucial part of any space, and the backyard is no exception. But outdoor lighting options can be pretty generic. So why not make your own lanterns and light fixtures? Check out these inventive DIY ideas.   


1. Karen used a clay pot from the dollar store to make this beautiful modern hanging lamp. See how she did it here. [Photo: The Art of Doing Stuff]

2. These simple yet striking lights only took an hour to make... check out the tutorial here. [Photo: The 100 Block]

3. Create your own succulent chandelier by hanging a pot rack from your deck roof and arranging mason jar candles and succulent plants on top. Beautiful! [Photo: Erin Ever After]

4. Find out how to make your own hanging wine bottle lantern here. [Photo: Happiness Is Blog]

5. Recycle some more bottles by making these pretty oil lanterns. Read the tutorial here. [Photo: Fresh Home Ideas]

6. Use a couple of solar garden stake lights to convert an old chandelier into a weather-friendly backyard version. Find out how here. [Photo: Simple Details Blog]

7. You'll never guess how Sarah made this gorgeous large-scale outdoor light... head on over to her blog to find out. [Photo: Pinterest]

8. A tuna can is the most important part of this elegant hurricane lamp. Read more here. [Photo: In My Own Style]

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faith-towers on Jul 22, 2013:

Glad these ideas were helpful Donna!

Donna Simpson on Jul 22, 2013:

Looking for ideas for a new patio that will be put in next summer. I really like the wine bottle light. I also like the tiered corner solar light stand and the hanging round lights. Can't wait to get started.

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