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Roundup: 10 DIY Garage Organization Ideas

by on May 15, 2013

Stuff. We all have it. Especially if we have a garage. And kids. And a yard. And are DIYers. BUT, because we’re DIYers, we can easily whip up some of these clever storage ideas that will get our garages in ship-shape in no time. 

We’re going to start off with one of my favorites. A jumbo

tape dispenser, complete with a saw blade cutter deal. And before you say it isn’t portable, note the slots and dowels. Visit American Woodworker to see how to make one.

A wood shelf meant to hold tape is mounted to a wall.American Woodworker

Another kinda brilliant idea from The Family Handyman is cutting flimsy pie plates in half, screwing them to your shop wall to hold disks of the sanding and sawing variety. 

Some cool organizer kitchen utensil cuttersFamily Handyman

Also from those same handy people is this idea for using PVC sections to store short, skinny things. 

A garage organization includes pieces of pipe that act as cups.The Family Handyman

Here’s a new take on the magnetic spice rack, only this time the holders are inexpensive Gladeware and the ‘spices’ are nuts and bolts and such. And as for that magnetic strip…looks like one of those magnetic knife holders. To keep costs lower, you could glue magnets to the containers and fix them on some sheetmetal.  

A Velcro board holding small plastic jars of odds and ends.Lushhome

Chalkboard walls and such in the house = chalk dust in the house. But chalkboard cabinet doors in the garage? Heck, yeah.

A hardware garage portion with blue cabinets.Babble

Game balls, yeah, some of us have those too. Here’s a brilliant way to tame them.

Sports balls are organized in a garage with vertical bungee cords.Be Different Act Normal

I LOVE this idea from Martha. An inexpensive bucket serves as a hose holder, while its center makes the perfect spot to stash the sprinkler.

A garden hose coiled around a fixture on a wooden wall.Martha Stewart

Garden tools are one of the most awkward things to store. Not anymore. Check out these ideas that will put an end to the pick-up-stick game. 

Love this idea using our old friend PVC. Complete with labels. (An OCDer after my own heart.) 

Tools are hanging on a wall with pipes.Ashbee Design

No how-to for this store bought option ($60), but it would be easily DIYable for a fraction of the cost. Could be free if you use scrap wood.

A wooden container holds various garden tools.Back Yard City

The recycling award goes to this one, however, which used to be a filing cabinet before it became a yard tool bin. Click here to see how it was transformed. 

Tools and rakes are sitting in a red and white bucket.Trash to Treasure Blog

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