Eye Candy: 10 Vegetable Gardens You'll Love to Garden

Eye Candy: 10 Vegetable Gardens You'll Love to Garden

Vegetable gardens don't have to be anything fancy. A plot of tilled earth in a sunny location--that's about it. Although such spaces do the job, they don't necessarily offer the most welcoming work environment. In this meal of eye candy, we're offering up 10 vegetable gardens in which we'd  actually love to spend time--weeding or not!

Our first little bit of paradise can be found through this arbor. Yes, beyond that lovely entrance is an enviable veggie garden. Click here to see what's beyond. 

Another welcoming arbor to a garden beyond...

and just check out the 'beyond'! (Click here for more information.)

Bright marigolds are welcome in Rebecca's kitchen garden, but her free-range chickens are not! All together, they make a lovely gardening experience.

Check out Mark's orderly and prolific veggie spot

The screened frames in this garden serve as protection from pests, but when open they look very cool. 

Turning to a slightly smaller footprint, take a gander at this courtyard beauty.

Small on space but big on charm is this potager garden.

Photo: Garden Web

You can't get much smaller than a balcony garden, and we love this one!

Photo: Scandi Home

Another pretty balcony garden that caught our eye:

Now that we've proved that tiny can be grand, check out this spectacular garden. Certainly one of the most beautiful,formal vegetable gardens we've ever seen. And, yes, it was designed by a professional, namely Andrea J. Filippone.

Photo: AF Design

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