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How To: Transform an Armoire into a Sewing Cabinet

by on May 1, 2013

A light wood chest sits on a wooden floor.Lindy Cottage Hill

Lindy had an antique armoire just itching to become a sewing cabinet. With the help of some birch plywood, piano hinges and drop-leaf table hardward that she found on the interweb, she was able to transform the armoire in to a very clever sewing cabinet. When closed, the armoire looks perfectly at home in her guest room. When opened, she’s ready to get to work. 

A peek inside:

An open cupboard with a folded table inside.Lindy Cottage Hill

No antique armoire on hand? No problem; I’m thinking one of those gigantic tube TV cabinet/armoires (that are a dime a dozen on Craigslist) could work just fine. To see a boat-load of pictures of the Lindy’s hide-a-way sewing cabinet, visit this page.

Opened and ready for work:

An open cupboard with a table coming out of it.Lindy Cottage Hill

DIY Sewing Cabinet [Lindy Cottage Hill]

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