Six Space-Saving Kitchen Gadgets You'll Love

Six Space-Saving Kitchen Gadgets You'll Love

Space-saving in kitchens is imperative for many. Here are some gadgets that recently caught my eye that do just that. Now I’m wondering how I’ve gotten along without them for all this time!

I love my kitchen scale, and although  it’s rather small for such a thing, it’s not nearly as tiny as this one! Yup, this one folds up for easy storage. (TriScale $30)

Whisks are great, but they can take up a lot of space in a kitchen drawer. With a simple twist, this one folds flat. Of course, you can use it flat too, for low pans. (TwistWhisk $10)

We’ve seen folding colanders before, but this one is not only a colander, it’s a cutting board too. (Rinse &Chop Plus $15)

This Collapsible Funnel from RSVP is a little fabulous ($8). 

Another thing that takes up waaayyyy too much room when not in use is a salad spinner. This collapsible model by Progressive doesn't ($19).

This one is nothing less than remarkable. It's a collapsible tea kettle ($40). A TEA KETTLE! Okay, maybe tea kettles don't pose a storage issue for you, but it's PERFECT for hikers/campers. 

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Cindy on Apr 19, 2013:

Because green is cool! Yeah Spring!

ella on Apr 19, 2013:

... because this green is very very cool!

Anonymous on Apr 19, 2013:

Why are all these products green? 

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