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How To: Turn an Old Tire into a Stylish, Nautical-Inspired Ottoman

by on Apr 16, 2013

As it turns out, with the right materials and some creativity, you can transform just about anything into a functional and stylish piece of furniture — even old tires!     

This project comes from Brazilian decor site Minha Casa. All you need to create your own outdoor, natural-rope ottoman is the following:

Items for making a tire swing.

  • tire
  • 6mm MDF
  • screws
  • drill or screwdriver
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • sisal rope
  • sealer and paint brush

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, check out the full tutorial on Minha Casa! The instructions are in Portuguese (it’s a Brazilian website, afterall), but the photos are pretty self-explanatory.

Images: Luis Gomes

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  1. Tires smell bad. I doubt rope covering it would get rid of the rubber smell. I didn’t read the instructions to see if they used something to take care of that. Hmm. But it is pretty!

  2. Perhaps the person who posted this was not aware of the 2012 post by Nikki. Maybe you could ask her?

  3. Love it, but have any of you guys got any suggestions for a bigger version? Love the idea of using tyres but was looking for a larger type of ottoman.