Cool Collections: 10 Creative Ways to Display Your Collectibles

Cool Collections: 10 Creative Ways to Display Your Collectibles
Vintage cameras, PEZ dispensers, tin robots -- we all have our obsessions and it's time to show off those quirky collectibles in style! We've rounded up a few of our favorite display ideas below.      

1. Vintage camera collection.

2. Fabric swatch collection.

3. Dice collection.

4. Sheet music collection.

5. Miniature bottle collection.

6. PEZ collection.

7. Sock monkey collection.

8. Toy train collection.

9. Weather vane collection.

10. Vintage globe collection.

What collections do you have? How do you display them?

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Mary on Apr 29, 2013:

I want to know how often all you guys dust your stuff.  I have so many collections and I don't dust very often.  When I do I really love handling everything.  My favorite collection is dollhouses.

Christine on Apr 29, 2013:

Any idea how the cameras were hung on the wall without damaging them? Just curious. These are all great ideas and much needed inspiration for my own crazy collections.

Anonymous on Apr 29, 2013:

I have a metal towel ladder that takes up little floor space and would be great for displaying apronns neatly. There are several different styles of these on Amazon from country chic to contemporary stainless. And then of course you could build your own! I also remember seeing a fabulous DIY Eames-style trellis on Curbly a while back!

Kassius on Apr 29, 2013:

I love to hear about people's collections.  There's such love and passion in it.  I collect vintage toys and of all things, ghosts!  lol

crafty grandma on Apr 29, 2013:

I have a collection of 'vintage' teacups which right now due to lack of space are carefully put away.  I also have a collection of little spoons, bells and thimbles which I rotate on shelf leading to the downstairs.  When we moved I gave away most of the collection and kept only the ones that meant alot to me ie gifts from people no longer alive - I like the miniature bottles display could be adapted to the thimble collection! tfs

happykatie on Apr 29, 2013:

Love these ideas!  I have a massive collection of KidRobot / vinyl figures that currently lives in a funky MidCentury Modern display cabinet I dug up.  I think I just found some other things I'd like to collect too :)

Lynn on Apr 25, 2013:

I have a small action figure collection :)

Jenny on Apr 23, 2013:

Any ideas on displaying an apron collection in a way that doesn't look messy, but is also easy to access so I can wear them?

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