Kitchen Makeover With a Professional Touch

Kitchen Makeover With a Professional Touch

Emily from Decorchick fame really wanted a white kitchen. But instead of going the whole DIY painted cabinets route, she opted to hire a professional to do the job. (Probably the best way to go if your budget allows, especially if you're like Emily and want a flawless, grain-free finish.) Another surprising, and commendable, choice was NOT putting in granite countertops but Formica fx180; that's that very cool high-definition laminate material. If you haven't seen it, it's worth a look-see. Those and other choices seemed to have paid off as Emily's kitchen is now the kitchen of her dreams. Visit Decor Chick for tons of pictures and information about the makeover.

created at: 04/12/2013

The Moment You've Been Waiting For...Our White Kitchen Makeover Reveal!!! [Decor Chick]

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Lauren @momhomeguide on Apr 12, 2013:

Love it! I think the new kitchen is beautiful!

Vicki on Apr 12, 2013:

Love the white cabinets. I recently did a total reno on my kitchen- went white cabinets with black appliances. The white reminds me of Grammie's old kitchen. Fresh.


Anonymous on Apr 12, 2013:

Cabinets should have gone all the way to the top, or, glass fronts. The lined baskets on the tops looks kinda 80ish.

Otherwise, great color. Much better.


The Double Dubs on Etsy on Apr 12, 2013:

The space looks so much bigger! Amazing what a difference a change in color can make.  Thanks for sharing!

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