10 New Ways to Repurpose Wine Crates

10 New Ways to Repurpose Wine Crates

Wine crates. They're easy to find and they can function in so many different ways. They can be used simply as storage boxes, but today I have some other ideas for you. So head to your local liquor store to grab some used crates and let's get started!   

created at: 03/26/2013

1. Attach a crate to the back of your bike as Anabela did. [Photo: Fieldguided]

2. Try taking wine crates apart and using them as wall tiles. This would look great on an accent wall behind a bar cart! [Photo: Patrick Ocaining]

3. The Rachel Ray Show teaches you how to make a rolling ottoman. Click here for a full tutorial. [Photo: The Rachel Ray Show]

4. Rolling storage is always handy too. Give your crate some character by painting it. See how to achieve this look here. [Photo: Funkytime]

5. Find a few different sizes and create a hanging herb garden... so clever! See this and other great wine crate projects here. [Photo: Houzz]

created at: 03/26/2013

6. This is an easy one, but I never would have thought of it! Brittany will show you exactly how to make your own rope handled crate here. [Photo: Pretty Handy Girl]

7. Again, so simple but so genius. Grab some angle slots from Home Depot (typically used for industrial storage) and you'll have new shelving in no time. See instructions here. [Photo: Pretty Neat Organizer]

8. Use a crate as a flower box on your deck or patio... very pretty. [Photo: The Sweetest Occasion]

9. Treat your pup to a new elevated dog feeder. Check out the tutorial here. [Photo: Design Sponge]

10. Decorative shelves will dress up your walls... find out how to make your own right here. [Photo: Curbly]


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Sharon M on Apr 20, 2013:

Good luck finding the crates.

Erin @ The Great Indoors on Mar 29, 2013:

I wish I could try some of these.  For whatever reason, the liquor and grocery stores in my area don't use crates anymore; most wine comes shipped in cardboard boxes.  It makes crafting with crates difficult!

faith-towers on Mar 27, 2013:

Ebay has quite a few wine crates for sale, or you can go sweet-talk your local liquor store salesperson :)

christina on Mar 27, 2013:

Love these ideas - but where do you find wine crates?The elevated dog feeder would definitely class up our kitchen's dog zone.

faith-towers on Mar 26, 2013:

Looks great, thanks for sharing!

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