5 Simple Sewing Projects for Your Home

5 Simple Sewing Projects for Your Home

I know, it's a big effort to lug your sewing machine up onto the craft table and dig out all of your fabric and thread... but trust me, you'll be happy you did once you finish a couple of these easy projects.  

created at: 03/21/2013

1. This pom pom pillow is the easiest tutorial of them all... and so creative! Find out how to make one yourself here.

created at: 03/21/2013

2. Feeling blah after a long winter? Spice up your bathroom with this colorful shower curtain. Check out the full tutorial by Martha Stewart.

created at: 03/21/2013

3. Find out how Alissa made these beautiful roman shades on her blog 33 Shades of Green. They're actually easier than they look! 

created at: 03/21/2013

4. Embarrassed every time you serve dinner with those crusty old potholders you bought nine years ago? Freshen up your kitchen with a set of these bright floral ones. Instructions are available here.

created at: 03/21/2013

5. Sew a couple of these Rollie Pollie poufs for your living room or your kids' playroom... they're comfy and stylish! Find out how to make them here.

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Jacqueline on Mar 22, 2013:

I would also love to have those Rollie Pollie Pouf. We love to watch movies in our house and it is really nice to watch while lying or sitting down on your own stylish Rollie Pollie Pouf. I really like the colors and patterns in the picture.

faith-towers on Mar 22, 2013:

Hi Debi - Here is a link to the free mini tutorial: http://www.soyouthinkyourecrafty.com/1999/01/rollie-pollie_28/ Or if you'd like to buy the full pattern, click here: http://www.danamadeit.com/rollie-pollie Have fun sewing!

Debi on Mar 22, 2013:

Having some trouble finding the Rollie Pollie Pouf pattern. I'd love to make a BUNCH of these.

Dista Quotesworth on Mar 21, 2013:

I really liked the picture with the little girl in it among all others. Really beautiful. Have a good day.

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