Eye Candy: 10 Ways to Use Clothing and Accessories as Art

Eye Candy: 10 Ways to Use Clothing and Accessories as Art

We've seen how open closets can be a practical and beautiful way to store clothing in a way that adds to the decor of a room. Now we're going to step away from the closet and see how we can use clothing and accessories as wall art. 

This dress has found the perfect home. Don't have a dress that 'goes' with your decor? Using the one pictured here, how about sewing up a 'faux' one? Simple top with attached skirt, ribbon around the waist and little straps. No need for a zipper. Spray paint hanger to match. Voila.

Although this dress was constructed as an art piece, I can imagine a vintage (or not) dress on a dress form ushering in the dressing area of a bedroom. 

created at: 03/21/2013

Lest we think clothing decor is only appropriate in bedroom situations, check out this next installation. Vintage swimming suits framed and displayed in a dining area for a very beach-y look.

created at: 03/21/2013

Baby clothing has always been popular as a subject of framing, but this next idea takes it in a different and fresh direction. Frame, hook and hanger and that's about it!

created at: 03/21/2013

When we have seen baby clothes under class, they're usually of the christening variety. They can be kind of solemn. Not so with this juicy orange tutu. Talk about a pop of color.

The last example was done by professional framers, but this next one from Pepper Design Blog is all DIY. Click here to see how it was done.

Now lets look at accessories. Scarves are hot, and it looks like they'll continue to be, so why not make them do double duty as wall art? In this case, all it takes is a bit of rope and clothespins to do it. 

Hats. Whether you wear them or not, they make GREAT wall art.

This vintage handbag looks like it's waiting for its owner to take it to a speakeasy. While it does so, it adds loads of interest to the decor. 

vintage purse

Finally, one of the most unique ways I've ever seen shoes displayed. You need an art rail to do it, but if you really love your shoes.....




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Amahlala on Mar 22, 2013:

We hung up all of our purses in our living room, dining room and just off the entryway. They read like a 3D art gallery and make our living room POP with the different colors and designs of the purses. We just used command strips and hooks and the apartment looks amazing!

amaranth on Mar 22, 2013:

You could repurpose one of those IKEA photo-hanger lines for your scarves, too... or use it to do a seasonal-accessories display (filmy scarves and straw hats for spring, mittens and stocking caps for winter, etc.).

Anonymous on Mar 21, 2013:

Good way for me to memorialize some of my favorite pieces from college.

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