Roundup: 10 Clever IKEA Table Hacks

Roundup: 10 Clever IKEA Table Hacks

I've always been drawn to the simple, modern lines of Swedish design, so naturally, I'm a frequent shopper at Ikea. But since their products are now so ubiquitous, sometimes I crave more of a custom look... which is why I've become obsessed with IKEA hacks. Below are ten easy DIY projects using a variety of IKEA tables.

created at: 03/14/2013

1. This nailhead side table will add some glamour to your living room. Find out how Erin did it here. [Photo: Clementine & Olive]

2. Another pretty Lack hack using brass corners. [Photo: Chocolate Shavings]

3. Metallic dipped legs and a nested look add some character to these tables. [Photo: Project! Palermo]

4. The Meltorp Table gets a concrete makeover. [Photo: Riikka Kantinkoski]

5. The Ikea Ingo becomes Katie's chic new white desk. See the full tutorial here. [Photo: Matsutake Blog]


created at: 03/14/2013

6. See how to turn a few Lack tables into a corner shelf here. [Photo: Live From B5]

7. Karen made a stylish pedestal sink using the Ikea Bekvam. [Via: Apartment Therapy

8. A bright red work table adds a pop of color to this drab office. [Via: Pagunblog]

9. This is the easiest one on the list... find out how to do it here. [Via: Little Green Notebook]

10. Lerberg stands and a slab of wood are combined to make this beautiful coffee table. [Photo: Weekday Carnival



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