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Makeover Tour: A Tiny Mudroom Gets a Colorful Face Lift!

by on Mar 18, 2013

Editor’s Note: We’re excited to launch a new monthly column featuring exclusive tours of room makeovers — from DIYers like you! Check in every 3rd Monday to get inspired by a new Makeover Tour.

This month’s Makeover Tour is a super colorful and inspiring mudroom — proof that even tiny spaces can have loads of personality! Read on to get the full scoop on this fun space.       

Name: Anu

About: I am a busy mom to two little boys and currently am on maternity leave from my job as a Speech-Language Pathologist. I blog over at Nalle’s House where I share my love for interior design and the handmade. I lived in Finland for a few years as a child and you will see that my design style and handmade crafts are definitely influenced by Finland and Scandinavia.

Project: We need a mudroom!

Budget: Use what we have and DIY (i.e., not much of a budget)

created at: 03/17/2013

Tell us a bit about this space and what inspired you to tackle a makeover! 
This project actually came about as a procrastination, of sorts, from organizing my husband’s office/paperwork. The office in our small mid-century bungalow is next to the front entry and, as our family grew to four (plus a golden retriever), the office quickly became a dumping ground for all the toddler/baby/dog gear. In an attempt to clear out the office, I came up with the idea to create a mini mudroom out of the closet by our back door. Now we have a super functional mini mudroom, but lots of paperwork waiting to be organized!

created at: 03/17/2013

Did you start with a clear vision for this room or did the design evolve over time? What elements did you simply have to have? 
I did make an inspiration board prior to starting the project, but the space really ended up evolving as I went along. I kept adding more and more projects! The elements that we needed the most were a bench to sit/put something down on and some storage for all the outdoor gear.

created at: 03/17/2013

What were your main sources for design inspiration?
I love the bright and simple interiors that I have seen in Finland. I also love all things handmade. I tried to create a space that reflected these two loves. It is a nod to the style in the rest of our house. The colors reflect our turquoise kitchen backsplash and the wood is the same tone as the hard woods in the rest of the house. There is a little of my Finnish roots in there (Marimekko, Aalto) and handmade projects (blanket-stitched baskets, coat knobs and monogram).

created at: 03/17/2013

Any setbacks, hiccups, or unexpected design dilemmas? How did you solve them? Tell us the dirty secrets!
The floating bench was originally a simple painted plywood piece that I was planning to put some trim on, but it looked awful. I came up with the idea to make a floating wood bench and got my husband to build it for me. He ended up making the bench fit so tight that we couldn’t get it out after the dry-fit! We ended up finishing it while it was in place.

created at: 03/18/2013

What is your favorite new feature of this space?
My favorite feature has to be the floating bench. After we managed to get over the hiccups I mentioned above, it turned out so beautifully and looks like it was professionally made. It is also a perfect spot to sit our toddler on when taking off his boots and it even fits our baby’s bassinet when it is not in use.

created at: 03/17/2013

Your proudest DIY moment?
My proudest DIY moment is a toss up between the floating bench and my blanket-stitched baskets. The basket embellishment was really simple, but it really speaks to my handmade style.

Any advice for others about to start on their own room makeover?
Allow your space to reflect your interests and you will be surprised at how much you’ll love it. Also, don’t forget to bake your DIY partner lots of Snickerdoodles!

created at: 03/17/2013

What’s next for you? Any other makeovers or exciting DIY projects on your list?
Our basement is currently gutted and we are going to completely refinish it ourselves including the mechanics (radiant heat) and build a sauna for us Finns. I also have to tackle the office now that my mudroom procrastination is over.

Thanks Anu!

Follow along with more of Anu’s home adventures on her blog Nalle’s House.

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