How To: Make a Modern Concrete Stool for $5 -- in Under an Hour!

How To: Make a Modern Concrete Stool for $5 -- in Under an Hour!

This DIY project has it all: affordability ($5, people!!), simplicity, and a whole bunch of style. What more could you possibly ask for??     

I've been to ICFF a few times, and I feel like this is something you could easily find there. Of course, an ICFF version would cost $500, not $5. All you need to create your own modern concrete stool is:

created at: 02/28/2013

  • concrete mix
  • wooden dowels
  • 5 gallon bucket
  • water

That's it! The kids at HomeMade Modern also suggest adding copper end caps to even out the legs (if you need to) or dipping it in paint for added style. Check out all the details and the full how-to right here!

created at: 02/28/2013

Meanwhile, I'm off to go buy some concrete mix and dowels...

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George on Sep 02, 2014:

Form over function! As said before, if this stool falls over and on someones foot or on a small child you gonna regret the cheap purchase because of a massive medical bill. For small children it could be lethal. It must also take a long time to heat up that chair when sitting on it without using a pillow. 

sonja on Jun 04, 2014:

that is funny.. one is afraid of tipping over the stool, the next is bitching about not spending exactly 5 bucks for the stool...

can´t people just say THANK YOU for that great idea?

i mean, i made one for under 5 bucks spending, becasue i had old broom sticks, left over concrete and the bucket was here already... so i spended money in just using some tap water... rest was around collecting dust

peter on Mar 23, 2013:

All I can think of is my aching toes when that monstrosity tips over on someone's bedroom-slippered toes. 

Inky on Mar 17, 2013:

i'm using this (and attributing its origin) with my architecture studio as an exercise in understanding how they respond when given a task, materials but not organisational direction - then we can sit on the results and talk about what we learned about leadership, curiosity, team work - on my pricing - under $5 a stool :)

CapreeK on Mar 07, 2013:

Clint - Okay. Well, you don't need an 8 foot dowel, you need a 4 foot dowel, which you can find anywhere from $2-$4, depending on where you get it. So, if concrete and a bucket is $7 (which you will likely use for other projects after this), you're still only looking at $9-$11 total -- plus $3 if you're adding copper caps, which are completely optional. And, hey, if you already have a bucket and concrete leftover from some other project, it might only cost you the price of the dowel, which is less than $5. Point is, it's a cheap project that looks pretty cool and just about anyone can pull off.

Clint on Mar 07, 2013:

The point is still that 5 dollar stool is not true.  I mean it's not like someone wants enough mini stools to get this project down to 5 dollars per unit.  Also you're failing to realize that concrete is cheap and buckets are cheap.  If you subtract the 7 bucks for the bag of concrete and the bucket, you're still left with making a stool out of a 13 dollar 8' dowel and three bucks worth of copper fittings per unit.  

CapreeK on Mar 01, 2013:

"MathWiz" -- I imagine that Ben at HomeMade Modern is pricing this per stool. You certainly won't be using the entire bag of concrete for one stool, nor will you be using the bucket a single time.

MathWiz on Mar 01, 2013:

umm....if i went to Home Depot and added up the parts list (concrete, bucket, dowel, copper caps) it comes up to $18.97, and that's not including tax. So,not exactly a $5 project.

ted on Mar 01, 2013:

good idea

Jana on Feb 28, 2013:

This is a great idea!

brad on Feb 28, 2013:


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