Take a Tour: My Architectural Photos of New Orleans During Mardi Gras

Take a Tour: My Architectural Photos of New Orleans During Mardi Gras

My sweetie and I spent the last week of January in the Crescent City where we fell in love with the food, music and hospitality.  Because today is fat Tuesday, I thought I'd share some pictures I took of the festively decorated homes and balconies ready for that last day of decadence before Ash Wednesday, Mardi Gras. So laissez les bons temps rouler and enjoy!

Just a short street car ride from the French Quarter, the entry above is located in the Garden District, where Mardi Gras decorations are a bit more staid. 

This next shot is actually the front entry of Anne Rice's former home, also in the Garden District. If you're wondering about the traditional colors used, they symbolize justice (purple), faith, (green) and power (gold).

created at: 02/12/2013

Back in the French Quarter, things are ramped up a bit, as you'd expect.

created at: 02/12/2013

Beads are hung on balconies, waiting to be thrown to those below. And, no, you don't have to flash to get them.

created at: 02/12/2013

And, finally, one of the more over the top installations we saw, complete with tinsel garland, beads and one very large mask. Again, this is in the French Quarter.

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DIY Maven on Feb 12, 2013:

KeLLY aNN, actually, it wasn't on a Sunday morning! They had suspended parade season while we were there because of the Super Bowl, but Mardi Gras was definitely in the air, especially for the locals. 

KeLLY aNN on Feb 12, 2013:

You must have taken these on an early Sunday morning! {lol}  New Orleans if our second home, and my oldest one lives there.  We have a really great one called Spanish Town Parade here in Baton Rouge!  The floats and decorations are outrageous and fun for both. New Roads and Lafayette have the more family friendly parades.  Everyone should do Mardi Gras at least once in their life; and don't forget the King Cake!

Chris Gardner on Feb 12, 2013:

Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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