Furniture Placement in Long Living Room

HELP!  We have a long livingroom - it is not narrow, just very long.  The focal point of the space is the fireplace.  It is flanked by 2 windows.  We would love to have our couch face the fireplace, however we love to watch the t.v. and want a comfortable view of it as well.  As you can see there are 2 wall that run the length of the room - one is not as long as the other because of two walk throughs - one goes into the dining room and the other into the breakfast nook.  We've got cable run to both walls, so switching the t.v. to one or the other is no problem - but I was thinking it would be nice to position the t.v. in the corner of the fireplace wall and the wall on the right. This way our couch can face the fireplace and we can comfortably watch t.v. - my husband thinks this would look tacky - NEED HELP HERE! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Looking into living room from front entry
Looking to the right of the living room from front entry

The shorter wall

The long wall

Looking straight ahead at fireplace

front entry

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Anonymous on Aug 01, 2009:

I keep forgetting...also, move the torch lampposts to either side of the sofa or either side of the two black chairs, you don't need lighting to see the tv...but you do need them by the chairs or sofa. I see some art on the floor which seems it would look better over the mantel and the wallhanging over the sofa maybe.

Anonymous on Aug 01, 2009:

More...make your shelving all the same color if you decide to keep it. It seems like it should have furniture under it...put your pretty scroll piece over the front door several inches higher to raise the height of the door (like over the height of the arches...and paint all the trim (except maybe the fireplace) the same color as the walls and ceiling, will keep it from looking choppy. Put your pretty red vases on the shelves up high, and your family photos on the black console. If it works put it under your shelves and make a "bookcase" look. Play around with it. Maybe even paint the shelves the same color as the console or as the wall and hang them at bookcase level. Puddle your curtains too, an inch or two on the floor if you didn't go with shutters there, the curtains will give you the length you need for that wall if you hang them as high as the top of the wall though.

Anonymous on Aug 01, 2009:

Also, I forgot to mention hang something smaller over mantel not over tops of curtain at least, and only use the large vase but move it to the left to place it not on top of the wall hanging. Keep your walkways open also. Have good flow through the room. Most people will choose sofa for tv viewing. If putting a screen behind the tv doesn't work you could angle the sofa on the same angle of the foyer flooring and create an area in the front half of the room and a reading area in front of the fireplace?

Anonymous on Aug 01, 2009:

I thought I had already posted, sorry if repeated, this may be a few yrs too late also! paint all the walls and ceiling the same color due that you have arched doors and squared window frames. Hang the curtains higher, same height as the top of the wall. Consider two sections, one for tv viewing, one for facing fireplace. Plants in one window together. Consider screen to block view from front door and possibly placing tv in front of it and yet making sure the living room area is easily accessed and not totally blocked from front door. Hang pictures lower, seating height. Use longest wall for sofa possibly, or use the sofa for an anchor in the middle of the room? Use 2 rugs to define your 2 seating areas? Just some things I have read about trying to solve my unusual shaped room dilemna!

joye68 on Sep 15, 2007:

I don't recommend mounting the tv above the fireplace.

2 reasons:

  1. Neck strain. My Nana has hers in a niche above her fireplace and unless you have seating that is more of the "movie theater" persuasion, it's uncomfortable after a while, to say the least. By the looks of the existing furniture, it doesn't look like it would support your necks over a period of time.
  2. Heat rises. So does soot. It's possible that it could damage the tv. Gas or othewise, I would be concerned about possibly ruining the tv and having to purchase a new one.
I like the Talia layout otherwise though.

Deborah on May 02, 2007:

oh, i guess the room looks yellow. i would paint the arches yellow if that's what the color of the adjacent room is.

Deborah on May 02, 2007:


i would paint the entire room that gray color of the fireplace wall. i would end the painting along the arches. i would leave the underside of the arches the original color to match the adjacent rooms.


stayce33 on May 01, 2007:

Talia, at first I was not crazy about mounting the t.v. over the fireplace, but i loved the layout you proposed and am really warming up to the idea...  what to do w/ the a/v equipment i wonder?  my husband is an electrician and can run the wire pretty much anywhere, but this is an exterior wall - i don't know if the wire can be dropped down into this area - i'll have to check.

dbornsztein, i added two more pics to my post - the first of them shows the entry way - all that sets it apart from the rest of the living room is just the door, a dropped ceiling (not part of the vaulted ceiling) and a tile floor.  There is a door to the left of it that leads to our office (the door is double doors on an angle to the front door)... the last pic shows left of the tiled entry - this is the back part of the long living room - as you can see i've been playing around w/ some pictures, etc. here so its not clean - never mind my breastpump in the pic - i've got a newborn so it stays on the couch - forgot to remove it for the pic!!! :)

Thank you guys for your help so far!

Deborah on May 01, 2007:

you could definitely mount the tv above the fireplace and place the sofa in front of it, if you like that idea. if you do not like that idea, then i think you need to make the tv area the focal point of your room, instead of the fireplace. right now the problem is that the fireplace is the focal point but nothing is really drawing attention to it. if you choose to change the focal point of your room to the tv area, then i would definitely suggest trying to find a larger, taller, tv cabinet/console, again, craigslist might have something affordably, or ikea of course. you could also remove the large poster hanging above the fireplace which draws a lot of attention to that area and hang some smaller black and white photos or something. the vases look really nice, i would think about adding another one to the right side to balance.

could you post a picture of the entry so i can see the painting dilema...

windows: i think window treatments that contrast more would actually look really nice... maybe satin like talia recommended, or something that looks heavier than what you have, and a darker color.

Talia on May 01, 2007:

1/Mount TV above fireplace 2/Remove two chairs + ottomans 3/Move funky plant holder below left window 4/Angle arm chair under other window, add  reading lamp behind it 5/Center the sofa in the middle of the room (it looks like you’d have space on either side to walk by).  Move this quite far back, since the TV will now be higher 6/Buy a sofa table for behind the sofa to display accessories, and flank each side with tall plants like the palm (or put the speakers here instead) 7/For extra short-term seating, buy 2-3 cubed ottomans (a dark brown leather would work well) and store these under the sofa table 8/Purchase a new 48” round coffee table to provide some soft edges to the space (and to prevent some sharp corners in the shins) 9/Lastly, I would also look into buying a nice tall storage piece with some clear or frosted glass doors, in a dark wood, for the rest of your stereo equipment, DVD's, etc., and put this on the same wall where the current A/V cabinet is 10/Extras: forcolor put an area rug in front of the couch to define the area.  Also, you could look at different window treatments, either California shutters or consider making new floor-length curtains in a satin-like fabric (they should be lined) in two colors - the darker color would be wide hem of 4-6" on the side and bottom, and the lighter fabric would be the rest, you should also add sheers behind them so you can still cut some glare without blocking all the light.  Finally, the white floating shelves are too small of a scale for the amount of wall space you have, look at buying some longer ones in the darker wood finish (Ikea has them), and if the wall they end up on is still quite big consider staggering them to fill the space rather than lining them up directly on top of one another. Happy decorating!

stayce33 on Apr 30, 2007:

dbornsztein, thank you for the great tips - I totally agree w/ removing the two wooden frame chairs from in front of the windows.  I always think we'll need the extra seating, but keeping them around just in case is sort of stupid and definitely looks odd.  The curtains are actually a dark color - the blinds were open in the pic and make them look like sheers - they are khaki and contrast with the gray accent wall - however they are so plain - i wonder if white would be too stark a contrast here... 

The other walls (and most other walls in the house) are a very light gray.  The problem w/ painting here is that, the entry/front door is right (basically inside) next to the living room and the wall carries over into that area.  I just dont know how to split up the space with out it looking funny = or if we'd just paint everything the same.  Any recommendations on paint colors?

Felisaudis, I agree - the couch running the width of the room vs the length would definitely detract from the rooms LONG look, however, the armchair would look lonely and small in the couch's current location.  I wonder if an angle would work here - perhaps put a large round rug down?  What to do with the back 1/2 of the space (opposite the fireplace)?

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help so far!

Deborah on Apr 30, 2007:

hi stayce33: i think this room has potential. the fireplace is beautiful, and most of the furniture is quite nice. i would maybe try swapping the locations of the sofa and tv. i would put the sofa against the longer wall, maybe frame it with some book cases or something, fill up all that wall space. i would put the small entertainment center along the smaller wall, and frame it like you have done already with the lamps. the entertainment center is quite low, you might want to add some height somehow, either hang something up over it or buy a taller entertainment center (craigslist roundup may be able to help on curlbly). i would remove the two blue chairs from in front of the windows, and put plants there instead. add some color by changing the cream colored shears for something a bit brighter? you could move the chairs so that they are facing the fireplace, at a right angle to the sofa. now what to do with the extra chair?

have you thought about painting the room? the fireplace wall looks like a nice color.... i think painting the other walls might make the room feel a little more inviting.

let me know what you think.....

felisaudis on Apr 30, 2007:

Hmm... it'd be such a waste of a lovely window to put the TV in front of it...

What if you swapped the sofa and armchair? Having the couch at an angle with 'close' the room up a little more and you can have your choice of TV or Fireplace viewing with no neck strain. It will also change the line of the room and detract from how long it is.

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