How To Fold an Origami Star

How To Fold an Origami Star

Cast your eyes upon Carley’s impressive collection of paper stars. Assemble some strips of paper, make a few crisp folds and you too may become obsessed with creating these sweet little things. Visit foldastar.com for a paper template. Print it, cut it and then watch the following video. If you need further instructions, study this still picture play by play. And for another paper star folding technique, check out this post.      



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baconthecat on May 03, 2007:

Wee!!! I used to make these all the time! It's a very popular thing for kids to make in Malaysia (where I'm from originally). We'd fill up a small bottle with different-sized stars and give it to our crush, a good friend, or to a teacher... Heehee. You might even be able to find ready-cut strips specially for making these stars at well-stocked crafts stores, or an Asian market, even. (Yes, they are that popular! lol)

megrockstar on May 02, 2007:

seems intricate but cool. god he had a nice manicure


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