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Highlights from Altitude Summit: Where Design Bloggers Unite!

by on Jan 29, 2013

Last week I went to my first Altitude Design Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah. For those of you who’ve never heard of it, it’s basically a 3-day love-fest for bloggers. It’s a conference where on-line personalities from all walks of creativity – interior designers, food lovers, photographers, writers, and fashionistas – gather to chat and play. It’s like living three days in an on-line world; in a really good way. In addition to spending some quality time with some fellow Curbliers, I met some amazing people. Below is a roundup of sorts of some of the people whose creativity and advice blew me away. (Oh, and there was even a movie star involved!). Read on for all the details…

  • Jenny Komenda from Little Green Notebook: Jenny was part of a panel that talked about building relationships with sponsors. She was brilliant and real. Her blog is amazing and when I met her later at the conference, she was sweet as honey.
  • Melanie Burk from Fifth & Hazel: I met Melanie at lunch the first day of the conference. Her business cards were my very favorite (and that’s a compliment, because business cards are like Valentines at Alt). Her website is brilliant, and it’s full of printables that will make you run out and buy more ink for your printer. She also has a digital download shop called Caravan that you must visit.
  • Emily Henderson from Style by Emily Henderson: I met Emily at the Clue themed party and went to her session on the future of blogging. She’s equal parts adorable and hysterical, and her website is full of gems.
  • Ashley from Sugar & Cloth: I met Ashley at the Whimseybox* dinner on Wednesday night, and her business cards were the most magical. Her site has recipes that make me want to cook and gorgeous DIY projects.
    * If you’ve never heard of Whimseybox, please check them out. They’re all about “doing” and embody the whole “makers gotta make” mentality. 
  • Jessica Alba from the Valentine’s Day and Honest Company. Yes, you read that correctly. I did a mini interview with Jessica Alba and learned that she is a DIYer. She told me that she loves to find vintage treasures at flea markets and incorporate them in her home decor. All of the light fixtures in her house are vintage finds, and she recently added new life to some old picture frames, painting them hot pink for her daughter Honor’s bedroom reading nook. 
    Interview with Jessica Alba

I know that you’ll love the above-mentioned blogs because they are all full of treasures and inspiration. 

And, if you are a beginning blogger or a pro, consider attending Alt (they have a San Francisco conference in May and a New York one in June). It’s a great place to meet great people and get inspired! 


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