How To: Make a Modern DIY Tube Light

How To: Make a Modern DIY Tube Light

This minimalist DIY light reminds me a little bit of the (much, much more expensive) Pipe Light by Tom Dixon. While his version is made from powder coated aluminum, this clever interpretation is crafted from -- wait for it -- a discarded cardboard poster tube!     

I have a bit of a, um, screen print buying problem, so I feel like cardboard tubes are always floating around my house somewhere. Typically, I throw them in our recycling bin, but I would much rather turn them into something awesome, like this lighting idea from Annaleena Leino.

created at: 12/17/2012

All you need is a tube, electrical tape, and a lighting kit with a low-watt bulb. Take a peek at how to put it all together right here.

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Anonymous on Dec 18, 2012:

So simple, yet so stylish!

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