Roundup: 10+ Clever Ways to Decorate With Christmas Lights

Roundup: 10+ Clever Ways to Decorate With Christmas Lights

They light up the night with their comforting glow. Their twinkle mesmerizes us, making us feel like we're 10 years old again. It's no wonder why people indulge in decorating with Christmas lights this time of year. Strung, wound or bunched up, here are 10+ ways to add twinkle lights to the places you love. 

created at: 12/04/2012

1. House to Home's mantel/table top design is a collection of letters, two of which are wrapped in twinkle lights. Can you see what the letters spell? 

2.  This vine, paper lanterns and twinkle lights menagerie from Style Me Pretty is incredibly festive. 

3. I adore this idea from BHG. A strung out garden or potting shed is unexpected and the perfect way for you to enjoy your trimmings from inside your home. That is, if your shed is visible from your home! (I'd love to do this with our garden shed, but, alas, we have no electricity wired to it. Solar twinkle lights, perhaps?)

4. Rebekah's rosemary Christmas tree gets a lovely backdrop of simple clear bottles wound with twinkle lights. 

created at: 12/04/2012

5. If you'd rather have your lights INSIDE bottles, Design Mom Gabrielle shows us how she drilled holes in big apple juice bottles. Nice!

6. You don't have to worry about drilling into glass if you happen to have a cloche. Love how this one is featured in a bird bath. (This one is from BHG too. Click here for 20+ more ideas from them.)

7. Not the greatest photo, but the idea is cool. This Lifehacker-er used an inexpensive socket adapter to turn a touchier into a year-round way to get his twinkle on. 

8. Lime green and silver shine mightily with the twinkle lights Leslie added to her mantle. She tells us how she put together the entire look for $15. 

created at: 12/04/2012

9. If you'd like a tree but don't have the room, a tree of lights is a great way to go. Check out this post for ideas about hanging them on the wall.

10. And, finally, another one from House to Home. This is a really cool, unexpected way to use twinkle lights. It's also a great way to create an impromptu 'chandelier'. A vine wreath, twigs of greenery, ribbon and a strand of battery operated twinkle lights and you're on your way. (Click here for a few more ideas from House to Home.)

Looking for more seasonal DIY projects and ideas?


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bruno on Dec 10, 2012:

Thanks Georgia; I'll contact you directly to see if we can help.


Georgia on Dec 07, 2012:

Oh, and I can't see any pictures on the side tab, where it says "more like this".

Georgia on Dec 07, 2012:

I can't see the pictures in some of your posts, including this one and the diy tree skirt. I can see them in Google Reader (at least the ones before the jump that usually display there). Also, if I right click where the picture should be and click "view image", there is an error message that says "access denied."  I'm using firefox and it's up to date.

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