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DIY-able Geometric Garland

by on Nov 20, 2012

As I was winding lights around my tree this week (Yes, we have the tree up already) I was thinking of fun garlands I could have my kids help me with.  Or that I could mindlessly make while watching a movie and thinking of all the million things I should be doing instead.  I am thinking something like this fits the bill perfectly, wouldn’t you say?   

Pick a color scheme, mix and match papers or even felts, and chop away!  After you have a good pile, simply sew them all together by slipping one at a time under the presser foot as you go.

created at: 11/19/2012

Great addition to a mod Christmas tree, or simply fun decor?  You decide!

By Weekday Carnival.

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  1. Hi!
    Love your garland! Can I ask what size are the circles and things?
    It will help to give an overall size of the finished garland.
    And can I see card instead of felt? Do you think that would work too?
    Thank you!

    1. Hey Jane! The shapes are about 2 inches, but I could see smaller or larger woking well too. Cardstock or felt work great, so long as it moves well through your sewing machine and is rigid enough to hold its shape. Hope that helps!