DIY-able Geometric Garland

DIY-able Geometric Garland

As I was winding lights around my tree this week (Yes, we have the tree up already) I was thinking of fun garlands I could have my kids help me with.  Or that I could mindlessly make while watching a movie and thinking of all the million things I should be doing instead.  I am thinking something like this fits the bill perfectly, wouldn't you say?   

Pick a color scheme, mix and match papers or even felts, and chop away!  After you have a good pile, simply sew them all together by slipping one at a time under the presser foot as you go.

created at: 11/19/2012

Great addition to a mod Christmas tree, or simply fun decor?  You decide!

By Weekday Carnival.

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marci on Dec 15, 2012:

I love your ideas but I don't know how to tag things maybe consider having pinch a rest as 1 of the options you just had Facebook and Tweet and a few others but if you had pinterest that would be great.Actually I was routed here be cause I was dying to know how to make the toys painted all white lamp.looooove it!! Couldn't find it on your site? Thank you marci

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