DIY Lessons Learned: Have a First Aid Kit

Have a first aid kit on hand! Pun intended.

The Project:
 Tearing down the plaster ceilings on the first floor of the Curbly House. Day two of the entire project. I was wearing old sneakers; out of sheer laziness I didn't bother to put work boots on. Read on to find out what happened, and what my video ...



The Story: Go back and watch the demolition video if you haven't ... I'll wait. As you can see, demolition is nasty, dirty, and most importantly, dangerous stuff. We were pulling down plaster and lathe from the first floor ceiling, and when lathe comes down, it tends to bring 100-year-old rusty nails with it. Then, of course, the lathe makes a tidy little platform to hold those nails pointing straight up into the air ... where ME CAN STEP ON THEM!

So, I did. I backed down off a ladder without looking down, and ploompfed the ball of my foot (where the sneaker sole's thickness was approximately one micron) right onto a nail. 

And, did I have a first aid kit around so I could clean and treat that nasty puncture wound? ABSOLUTELY I DID! ... is what I wish I could say ... but actually I didn't. One of these would have come in really handy:

59 piece first aid kit from 3M

That's a 59-piece first aid kit from 3M Tekk Protectio, in case you didn't know.

The Lesson Learned: You are going to get injured (remember when Chris cut his finger open on a table saw?). So be a little less lazy and make sure you have a good first aid kit around. Because when you're hopping around on one foot screaming and soaking through your sock with oozing blood, well, that's just not going to be a good time to run out and buy one.


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Aidel.K on Oct 29, 2012:

Ouch! I'm hopeful you're ok now. I might add that a hello kitty band-aid always makes me feel better. :) 

bruno on Oct 25, 2012:

@brit - good point! Forgot to mention: that was the first thing I did after I stepped on the nail. I went to the Target clinic near my house and got my shot right away.

brit wash on Oct 25, 2012:

Sounds like you need to get a tetanus shot as well if you haven't gotten once in the last few years. 

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