6 Fun and Easy Pumpkin Topiary Ideas

6 Fun and Easy Pumpkin Topiary Ideas

One pumpkin is great, but multiple stacked pumpkins are even better. Pumpkin topiaries started getting popular a few years back, and it's no wonder. They are perfect for front entries as they add instant holiday fun without too much fuss. If you haven't boarded the pumpkin topiary bandwagon yet, these six ideas/projects just might have you jumping on the train.

Courtney used purchased pumpkins, letters and glittery spray paint to make her super easy installation. Of course, you could easily use real pumpkins as well, although I might forego the glitter in that case. On the pumpkins, anyway.

Jennifer used a stencil to monogram her topiary. (Both the previous idea and this one could lean modern with a different font and simple changes to the ribbon and such.)

Country Living's idea uses real pumpkins and a 5/16" drill bit to make their topiary. (If you've never taken a drill to a pumpkin before, try it. It's great fun.)

Halloween Pumpkins Topiary

Love, love, love this idea from Good Housekeeping. The addition of the moon on the left is the perfect touch. 

front door with halloween decorations

This next idea is actually a product that was sold at Grandin Road for $139. It's no longer available, but it would be fairly easy to replicate using what we've learned from the two previous ideas. 


And, finally, this idea isn't exactly a topiary, but it's so freakin' cute, I just had to include it. Black cats! They're made of pumpkins, of course, and the tails are made of cucumbers or skinny gourds. Clever! Visit Sunset for the entire tute.

How to make cat lanterns


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