How to: DIY Carved Rock Art

How to: DIY Carved Rock Art

Rock carvings aren't just for the ancient Mayans- we have a Dremel!  My girls are rock-collectors (meaning, if we exit the house for 5 seconds they have pockets full of rocks and leaves and little sticks too), so I'm particularly smitten with this rock-carving tutorial.     Ashley Hackshaw of Lil Blue Boo knows what it means to be between a rock and a hard place, since she is making her way out of a battle with cancer right now.  It seems appropriate, then, that she shows just how to make that rock give way for a little bit of heart.

created at: 09/24/2012

Ashley shows how to use a Dremel tool to carve rocks with whatever design you like, and has tips on different bits you might need to use for your project.  Check out her full tutorial (and while you are at it, her Cancer Chronicles) on her blog, Lil Blue Boo.

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Sonja on May 21, 2015:

Really excited to try this with the rocks I collected at the lake. Thanks!

Bee on Sep 28, 2014:

Love this! And C Kennedy, Rocks. The new black.

insu on Aug 14, 2014:

its just wooowww.........sweet simple art.........:) n can be giffted to te best buddy....

C Kennedy on Jun 30, 2013:


Ali on Sep 27, 2012:

Finally something to do with my dremel. Now I can justify owning one :)

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