How To: Hand Paint Faux Oxfords

How To: Hand Paint Faux Oxfords

Super creative and super cute? Yeah, these hand painted, faux Oxfords those and more. Allison took her fondness for Oxfords to a pair of $5 white tennis shoes. With the help of a water soluble fabric marking pen, paint, brushes, a wet rag and some clever mimicking, Allison now has a darling pair of Oxfords that even Diane Keaton would be proud of. Click here to see how to make a pair of faux Oxfords for yourself. 

created at: 09/20/2012

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DesigningMom on Sep 24, 2012:

Very true anon. I noticed that too, but figured it was a youngen that called them oxfords. :^D

Anonymous on Sep 24, 2012:

those are actually faux wingtips. oxfords are plain. but those are very cute!

DesigningMom on Sep 24, 2012:

How cute.

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