Eye Candy: 8 Inexpensive, Unique and DIYable Backsplash Ideas

Eye Candy: 8 Inexpensive, Unique and DIYable Backsplash Ideas

A few months back, Sweetie and I installed a new backsplash in our kitchen. After multiple samples and trips to tile shops, we finally found the perfect tile: pencil- cut slate. At 17 bucks a square foot, it was a bit more than we thought we'd be spending, and, because it was pencil cut, it was tricky to work with as slate has a tendency to flake. The eight backsplash installations in this roundup have neither of these issues. And some are virtually free. Check them out...

Katie used a sheet of flashing to create her backsplash. She picked it up at Home Depot for $12. 

P1000476 1024x768 PROJECT 2, The Kitchen

We've seen penny floors and kitchen countertops. It was just a matter of time before we saw a penny backsplash. Click here if you'd like to see a closeup.

This DIYer chose to use 6" x 6" of heavy scrapbook paper and Modge Podge to make her colorful backsplash. 

This next one probably isn't cheap, but a DIYer on a budget could bang a knock off out for a fraction of the cost of fancy tile. BTW, it this backsplash is oiled oak.

ideas for kitchen backsplash tiles vls339 kitchen backsplash ideas

Have you seen the bottle cap backsplash yet? Perfect for a wet bar, no?

Along the same vein is this cork backsplash.

Tova used mirrored coasters to make backsplash. Okay, at $645, this one isn't inexpensive, but it had to be included in our roundup for its uniqueness. And it's sparkly.

And finally, probably the most inexpensive idea for a backsplash ever: Starbucks gift cards. The maker, Spifftastic, actually glued them end to end on a sheet of cardboard and not onto the wall directly. Click here if you'd like to see a closeup.





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Anonymous on Dec 24, 2014:

How is the flashing attached to the wall

4NaNa on Oct 16, 2013:

After trying over and over to get vinyl floor tiles to stick to the wall (no amount of any adhesive keeps them from falling down), i have decided to abandon that idea. I think i shall go for chalkboard paint, although i'm wondering what will happen behind the stove. That is an issue with any option, i would think. What to do?

Alan B. on Jan 28, 2013:

i really like when people make there own backsplashes and come up with the most creative ideas!

I myself am very partial to the glass tile look!

i seen some awesome ones featured at http://www.pureglasstile.com that i absolutely love!

DIY Maven on Oct 16, 2012:

@Anon, flashing is thin sheet metal used in roofing. You can find it at any big box store or hardware store. It's easily cut with a tin snips. 

Anonymous on Oct 15, 2012:

What is flashing? TY

Ali on Sep 29, 2012:

I might make one out of coulour chips and modge podge

Tova on Sep 25, 2012:

Thanks so much for sharing my backsplash! So excited to see it here! Ironically, I actually DID do a scrapbook paper backsplash before I 'upgraded' to the mirror coasters.


...and also, I tiled my bathroom floor in pennies. ;-)


So glad you like it!! :)

Tova (aka: Teeze / aka:FindingMyMuchness)

DIY Maven on Sep 15, 2012:

Brooke--Doh! (Fixed.)

LezRenovate on Sep 14, 2012:

made me think of doing sort of an overlapping petal pattern with CDs- since I can't find anywhere in my town to recycle them

Brooke on Sep 14, 2012:

I just want to let you know that the image says "backsLash" not backsPLash". So I was wondering how many fun things I could do with my backslash key ;) Love the idea of using flashing. Very clever!

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