The HP Designer Matchup Challenge Week 5: The BIG Reveal (and Fashion Week)!

The HP Designer Matchup Challenge Week 5: The BIG Reveal (and Fashion Week)!

Last week, I boarded an early morning flight and took off for a whirlwind trip to NYC for Fashion Week (OMG) and, most importantly, for the BIG REVEAL of all the HP Designer Matchup Challenge projects, including the Glo Planter by TUG Studio. It was a crazy adventure full of tiny food, incredible people, puppies, flair, and awesome design. Also? The Glo Planter -- IN REAL LIFE! Ready to see it for yourself? Read on!     

created at: 09/10/2012

Using reclaimed wood as well as upcycled and repurposed materials (the light is made from a trashcan, while the planter part is created using old wallpaper hanging trays), this sexy little number came together even better than I imagined. Tom and Goil totally slayed it, don't you think?

created at: 09/10/2012

While we were all cheering ourselves on for how awesome all our projects turned out, we had a chance to create a short video about the HP Designer Matchup Challenge. TUG Studio explains their inspiration behind the Glo Planter while I awkwardly answer a question about our biggest challenge: 

(Check it out to see the other participating designers and bloggers and their finished projects, too!)

created at: 09/10/2012

During this trip, we all had a chance to attend the Project Runway 10th Anniversary Reunion Party, which provided a red (black) carpet moment. Fancy.

created at: 09/10/2012

Oh, and some photo booth shenanigans, of course.

created at: 09/10/2012

Friday morning came early with the Project Runway Season 10 finale runway show, where we got to see 8 contestants' final collections. It was a surreal experience being there, sitting on the second row (!!!), and feeling the energy in the room!

created at: 09/10/2012

Be sure to see loads more pics on Instagram: Curbly, CapreeK, and Tom from TUGStudio -- as well as on the other participating bloggers' sites: Design Milk, Design Crush, AphroChic, and NotMartha.

Many, many, MANY thanks to HP for sponsoring this awesome design collaboration and event as well as Jaime from Design Milk for organizing the challenge! 

This program is a collaboration with HP. All of the participants in the program will receive an HP TouchSmart PC and a trip to NYC for New York Fashion Week. All opinions are my own.

Visit HP on Facebook to learn more about the ways they're empowering creatives.

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modernest on Sep 11, 2012:

loving it all, but seriously LOVING those shoes!

Steve on Sep 11, 2012:

Congrats Tom & Goil! Looks like a blast!

Juliette on Sep 10, 2012:

Thanks for sharing, that looks like a lot of fun!

CapreeK on Sep 10, 2012:

MegRuth -- Thank you!! It was such an incredible experience!

Meg Ruth on Sep 10, 2012:

Supremely jealous of this entire post. Top to bottom. Fantastic work by everyone involved!

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