Roundup: 10 DIY Recipe and Cookbook Storage Ideas

Roundup: 10 DIY Recipe and Cookbook Storage Ideas

Whether your recipes are in tidy cookbooks or slapped together haphazardly in a file folder, there is always room for improvement and fresh, new ideas.  Here are 10 DIY projects to keep your recipes in order!   Do you still keep your recipes on cards?  I have a problem with setting mine down and forgetting where I put them, and then find them stuck to the bottom of ingredients as I go.  Here's a few ideas to keep cards contained and off the counter:

created at: 08/28/2012

1.  Use a giant clothespin! Made cuter with scrapbook paper at Make and Takes.

2. Stick it to a magnetic frame that is both functional and decorative, at A Spotted Pony.

3. Organize your recipes by day and hang it on the wall for easy access during the week, by Shivaya Naturals.

4. Upcycle and old cabinet door and add a clothespin to it to hold up your recipes while you cook, by Lil Luna

created at: 08/28/2012

5. Instead of tossing your empty cereal or cracker boxes, try turning them into colorful cooking magazine holders, from Hope Sewell.

6.  If you want something a little more interesting than a paper-covered cereal box, try making this wooden magazine holder, by This Old House.

created at: 08/28/2012

7. Make good use of space under the cabinets by installing a shelf for your cookbooks, from Beneath My Heart.

8.  A one dollar purchase and some old silverware makes a mighty fine cookbook holder for the counter, by A Lil Bird.

9.  Here's a good place to start on recipe collecting and meal planning, with printable files and instructions. From BHG.

created at: 08/28/2012

10.  This modern knock-off is definitely one way to showcase your cookbook collection, especially since each slot is custom made to fit.  By Wholly Kao.

I think that cupboard above my microwave (aka the Cookbook Graveyard) might get cleaned out and put to use for something else now.  With my cookbooks in view, I might actually make something from one of them...

Do you use cookbooks, recipe cards, or cooking magazines (or e-mags) the most in your cooking?

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Craftmel on Aug 29, 2012:

@Louise, you are an organizational genius!  I am so impressed! And @LindaT, wow, 500+ books is more than will fit under the cupboard :) Good to hear you found something that worked(ish) for you!

Linda T. on Aug 29, 2012:

Having moved in with a cooking sensation, then getting his mum's books, then receiving gifts from my bookseller daughter, we have well over 500 cook books, so these little spaces wouldn't help.  I built a concrete block and wooden shelf area in our hallway, and even had to get rid of some books anyway, because of space.

Louise on Aug 29, 2012:

My files used to be a mess, then I decided to ditch the cutouts and hand written scraps. I started a file in word and typed up every recipe I use (yes it took a while). I then printed out each one and laminated it. I then managed to throw away all the scraps of paper and freecycled all the cook books. Now I've so many recipes typed up in the file that I've had to make an index for each section, and I keep them in alphabetical order. I'm always adding something new and can also email any or all to friends and family.

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