Cast Your Vote: The HP Designer Matchup Challenge

Cast Your Vote: The HP Designer Matchup Challenge

You know all those awesome design-y reality shows where contestants are given crazy challenges like "build this entire room out of jelly beans...and discarded cat hair!!! Muahaha!"?* The HP Designer Matchup Challenge is kinda like that -- but WAY cooler. Why? Because YOU get to make all the decisions!    

Curbly is super excited to team up with one of our favorite designers for this super rad, random, and totally cool challenge: to present a product at New York Fashion Week -- designed by you! So who'd we pick? Goil Amornvivat and Thomas Morbitzer of TUG Studio, that's who. (Okay, okay that's two of our favorite designers!)

created at: 08/14/2012

   About Goil and Tom:

Goil and Tom are the real deal, y'all. Not only do they both have Masters Degrees in Architecture from Yale (totally impressive, right?), but they're hilarious, down-to-Earth, and freakishly talented. Tom travels throughout the country teaching drawing and design at top universities, that is when he's not designing prominent commercial and residential projects. Keen-eyed readers will most likely recognize Goil from Bravo's hit reality series Top Design and TLC's Trading Spaces. (YES! It's the same Goil!) His unique ability to blend technical know-how and innovative design with a hands-on, risk-taking approach is, well, pretty much the winningest combo ever. They've both got talent up the wazoo -- and they're both excited to take on whatever crazy challenges you throw at them!
created at: 08/14/2012

The Low Down on the HP Designer Matchup Challenge:

Okay, now this is where you come in, dear Curbliers. We wanna know what you want designed and built by Goil and Tom -- and ultimately presented at Fashion Week. Seating? Lighting? Something your design-loving dog can use? We're putting a twist on the old Field of Dreams quote and saying "if you dream it, we can build it". Seriously. The sky's the limit.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be asking you to vote on different aspects of the design, including which materials to use, which sketches you like best, and, of course, the final product that will actually get built. Goil and Tom will be using an HP TouchSmart PC and Adobe Photoshop CS6 to make your choices come to life!

HP Designer Matchup Challenge -- Voting for Week 1:

Today we're asking you to cast your vote for the initial direction of this design challenge and choose a product category and a material. This vote will set the course for the entire challenge, so choose wisely. No pressure or anything.

Voting starts now and ends Thursday, August 16th at Midnight EST. I know, this thing is happening fast! We'll turn the results over to Goil and Tom, who will spend the weekend sketching possible products and designs on the HP TouchSmart PC. Check back on Monday to see what they come up with! You'll get to vote for your favorite sketch and narrow in on specific materials and design elements -- exciting, right?

*Maniacal laughter added for effect.

This program is a collaboration with HP. All of the participants in the program will receive an HP TouchSmart PC and a trip to NYC for New York Fashion Week. All opinions are my own.

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Ashley on Aug 16, 2012:

Ehrmahgerd!!! So Fun!!!!!

CapreeK on Aug 15, 2012:

You know it!! I love those guys and am SO excited to see their interpretations! :D

Jaime from Design Milk on Aug 15, 2012:

Yes! I am so excited that Goil + Tom are going to be a part of this challenge. Thanks for choosing them :) I can't wait to see what they come up with - I bet it will be super crazy awesome!

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