Roundup: 10 Inspiring Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers

Roundup: 10 Inspiring Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers

When I was assigned the task of rounding up ten kitchen cabinet makeovers, I decided to give myself some parameters. Actually, one parameter: No bright white kitchen cabinets. It's not that I don't love white kitchen cabinets, it's just that they're everywhere these days, aren't they? So here they are; some of the best not-all-white kitchen cabinet makeovers on the intertubes.

Melissa when with a two-tone makeover in her kitchen...

with white uppers and black lower cabinets. See more at AT.

Holly re-did her kitchen a few years back and chose two-tone as well. 

She decided to go with white on tope and turquoise on the bottom. 

For the 'just say no to white crowd,' check out Mandy's makeover. The cabinets might look black, but they're really dark gray. 

Lauren and her husband lightened up their kitchen by removing the upper cabinets.
Before: Dark & Heavy

They painted the remaining lower Witch Hazel (aka dark sage green).
After: Bright  & Airy

Next, we have another Lauren, but she had an entirely different vision for her kitchen.

Black seems to be gaining in popularity. Will it overtake white someday??

Speaking of white, Jason wasn't exactly keen on his white kitchen. 

He chose to go decidedly darker and redder for his makeover. He removed the upper cabinet doors and painted the lower. (The SS stove doesn't hurt either.)

Josette and Peter had a straight-out-of-the-70's kitchen. 
Old kitchen with dark cupboards and counter.

They cleverly added strips of wood to the fronts of their cabinets before they painted them. Again, a shiny new stove (and microwave) is a nice addition too.
Updated kitchen cabinetry in DIY budget kitchen

Kara's hatred of her yellow oak cabinets was mounting.

So she decided to paint them charcoal gray. (Maybe I meant to say GRAY was becoming increasingly popular?)

In this kitchen, the choice to paint the cabinet doors turquoise and the cabinet boxes black make the mismatched appliances work. Cute vintage-y feel, no?

And for our final kitchen makeover, artist Jonathan Fong's creation. Before it was what a lot of people are going for these days: bright and white. After?
color kitchen makeover

Well...it's still bright!
jonathon fong style kitchen makeover picture color kitchen makeover

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Anonymous on May 10, 2013:

I'm moving & want to paint my kitchen cabinets a lighter color ( they're dark brown) Outdated kitchen has yellow counter tops, yellow laminate floor with designs, and the walls are a neutral beige/ ecru. Blue or gray, white, and yellow is kind of what I'm thinking. Already have the yellow. Ideas?

Lauren H. on Aug 15, 2012:

We're about to redo our kitchen (not by choice, but due to a water leak that resulted in 1/3 of our kitchen being ripped out).  While I'd LOVE to have green cabinets, we're going with white for resale value. 

Shana on Aug 14, 2012:

Yay - I was so excited when I saw no white cabinets!!!  Thanks for the ideas.  It was nice to see some people who painted their oak cabinets different colors, as I have oak cabinets and I was unsure if I painted them a darker color how they would look.  The witch hazel looks nice too.  Thanks again for sharing these non-white cabinet ideas! :)

Jane on Aug 14, 2012:

Love Melissa's wallpaper background for the open cabinet.  I have been looking for kitchen inspiraiton.  How did she paint the countertops?  Rustoleum?  

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