Roundup: 10 Rope Projects

Roundup: 10 Rope Projects

Have you noticed an influx of projects using rope these days? I have. So many, in fact, I felt I need to cull through them and put together a roundup of some that caught my eye. The cool thing is most require very little to make. For some, rope (or twine), a glue gun and something to cover. Others are a bit more complicated, but not much. A hole here and there and a knot or two and you're done.

We'll start with some knots. Kirstin made these drawer pulls using figure eight knots.

I'm in need of a doorstop for my back door. Perhaps a nautical knot is the way to go. (And, yes, it can be made into a paper weight too.)

The maker of this drawer pull was inspired by ones she'd seen at Anthropologie (no longer available). 

These sisal-covered trivets could be particularly handy. Why did the maker use sisal? Because it resists stains.
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Another glue & rope combo. This time a covered vase.  

Same idea but in lamp form. From Martha.

Speaking of lighting, check out this before and after wrapped chandelier

AshleyAnn made this rope pendant lamp shade using a wire hanging planter basket that she bought at Walmart for $7.

Now a couple of bigger projects. Carmel and her hubs made this headboard out of sisal and an old door.

Our final project--another very cool headboard--doesn't have an accompanying tutorial, I'm afraid, but I can't imagine it would be that hard to DIY. A wooden frame, some holes drilled round the perimeter and some rope. That's about it. 

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screendoorgirl3 on Jan 10, 2013:

I love these ideas! I'll never look at a ball of twine the same way.. Found you through Pinterest.. thanks!

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