Eye Candy: Soda Pop Tab Projects

Eye Candy: Soda Pop Tab Projects

Last week, my sweetie and I were spending some leisurely time in one of our favorite little towns on the Lake Superior's North Shore. Between climbing rocks and skipping stones, we visited a variety of shops. One of which had some of the best soda pop tab jewelry I've seen to date. They got me thinking about the advances people have been making using the humble closures in making stuff, which meant one thing: To the internet! So why did these five make the short list? Because not only are they amazing, the pop tops are almost unrecognizable.    

First we'll start with the jewelry I spotted. I actually did a double take, as I didn't even notice the tabs at first glance. Buy them here.

We've all seen belts made of tabs, but this one kicks it up a notch. The hanging medallions are actually smashed beer bottle caps. 
soda can tab belt

How about this ensemble? Hot.

This one is from Tabistry, which, by the way is one of the go-to soda tab websites out there. Steampunk with a Tim Burton vibe, no?

It took 1500 pop tops to make this gorgeous drum shade:

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