How To: Make a DIY Pouf Ottoman from an Inexpensive Floor Mat

How To: Make a DIY Pouf Ottoman from an Inexpensive Floor Mat

Floor poufs are hot decor items that typically carry hefty price tags. What if I told you that you could make one for about $10? You'd flip, right?? Well, get ready...    

After spotting these $250 poufs from West Elm, blogger Erika Brendle knew she had to make her own. A search for the perfect fabric left her uninspired until she spotted these $3 floor mats from IKEA. Bam! They were perfect. A little bit of measuring, cutting, and sewing later, she had herself a stylish pouf -- all for less than $10! Check out how she did it over on her blog Retropolitan.

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Sadie on May 03, 2015:

Looks great! Thanks for the pattern-I'll be trying this one. :)

Anonymous on May 19, 2013:

Does Ikea still sell these rugs for so cheap?

Sherri on Apr 14, 2013:

Thanks for showing me that it's possible. I"ve always wondered....but wondering doesn't get results. Well done!

Q. - Did you encase the filler in something or just pour it in?

Q. - Any tips on needle type/size?

Anonymous on Nov 10, 2012:

That is great...no need to be so insulting Ann...


Ann on Aug 04, 2012:

It looks nice, however it would look even better if the red lines were 'lined' up. Awesome job.

Becky Bedbug on Jul 24, 2012:

That's amazing! How clever!




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