How To: Make a Mini Window Japanese Garden

How To: Make a Mini Window Japanese Garden

The good people over at 3M sent along some of their handy, new Command clear products for me to use to make some quick crafts. In this how-to, I used their Medium Caddy, which is among their organization line and is great for stashing spices and nail polishes and such. Of course, we're using it for a vertical window garden. 

To make a vertical window garden for yourself, you'll need the following:

First I sanded the caddy and then shot it with a couple coats of black spray paint.

created at: 07/23/2012

Then I planted the succulent (I only used 1/3 of the plant), and added the stones.

created at: 07/23/2012

I adhered it to my kitchen window above my sink following the instructions included in the caddy package.

created at: 07/23/2012

I finished up by adding the tiny lantern I made. Other iterations might be a fairy garden or herb garden. The last could look great in multiples with caddies staggered down a window. 
created at: 07/23/2012

What's great about these new clear Command products is, of course, that the adhesive strips are clear so you don't see those white tabs sticking out. Here's a picture of the garden full on:
created at: 07/23/2012

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DesigningMom on Jul 30, 2012:

Oh how neat Maven! I had no idea that 3M made things like this with their Command Adhesives. Which are a great by the way. I won't hang anything without first checking if there's a Command product that will hold the weight.

Steve on Jul 29, 2012:

I've experimented over the years with desktop gardens, and I am fortunate now to have a small Japanese garden on my balcony.  But this is a wonderful, smaller alternative, especially because it can incorporate a living plant.  I know it's not in the DIY spirit of curbly, but I should mention that for those who don't want to "bake" their own ornaments, there is a seller on eBay, kioshi99, who has miniature lanterns and basins for bonsai and aquariums that would be perfect for a window garden like this.

Anonymous on Jul 29, 2012:

Hey that is really neat! I find that even though specifications mention that it can hold the weight, it does not take into account of the temperature variation :S

DIY Maven on Jul 23, 2012:

@Monsters--Glad you like it. The specs on that particular caddy says it can hold up to 2 pounds, so no worries about weight, really. 

Monsterscircus on Jul 23, 2012:

Wow what a killer product! Can it really handle the weight, it's amazing, will try if I Can find it here i Dennark! Thanks for the tip, it looks amazing!

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