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Gift Guide: 14 Sweet and Unique Gifts for Kids

by on Dec 9, 2018

If I’m being honest, I have to admit I spent altogether waaaay too long putting together this gift guide. I just couldn’t help getting completely caught up in the myriad of amazing toys and gifts available for kids these days. And best of all, many of them are handmade! Click through for my favorite finds.          

Wood toy camera

 1. Got a budding photographer in your midst? They’ll love this wooden camera (that comes in a variety of colors) by Indie Owl – $30


Play tent

2. We found this darling play tent for children who love cubby houses and make believe on Etsy: $120


Carousel lamp

3. How intricate and sweet is this carousel lamp by Smaga Paperwood?: $175


Chalkboard wall decal

4. Chalkboard moon and stars decals, perfect for little ones that like to draw on walls by Eco Wall Decals: $20


Design & Play Coloring Poster
Perfectly Smitten

5. This coloring poster by Perfectly Smitten is perfect for the little artist in your life: $15


Trench coat

6. I can’t get over the cuteness of this yellow trench coat found at Target: $26


Play crown

7. An adorable addition to a child’s dress-up box by Haru Aki Shop: $20


Dinosaur toys

8. One for the dinosaur fans by Zoo Toys: $9


Tooth fairy jar

9. Both children AND the tooth fairy will appreciate this personalized tooth jar by Susabellas: $20


Pom pom slingshot

10. A sling shot that’s safe to sling and lots of fun! By Handcrafted Buffalo: $15


Cat clock

11. The sweetest kitty cat clock for a newborn’s nursery by Red Hand Gang: $33


Toy camping set
Crate & Kids

12. This toy camping set for little adventurers in the making by Crate & Kids: $50 


Fox booties

13. The most adorable fox baby shoes, by Young Squad: $20


Dollhouse drawing book
Rock and Pebble

14. Children that love to draw can now decorate their own dollhouse book for pretend play! By Rock and Pebble: $27

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