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How To: GENIUS Rain Gutter Book Shelves

by on Jul 3, 2012

 Sturdy AND you never have to paint them? Yeah…vinyl gutters make great book shelves, or so says Beth from Sunshine on the Inside. They’ve been in use now for four months in her 2-year-old’s room, so she knows they can stand up to abuse. As for making them, it doesn’t take much. Lengths of gutters, some end caps and drywall screws to secure them to the walls/studs. The final cost was $60. As Beth admits, using wood might have cost less, but not everyone is a woodworker and, I’m guessing, these shelves took much less time to construct than floating shelves would. For more pictures and information, visit this page on Sunshine on the Inside.

Charm’s New Shelves  [via Recycleart]


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