How To: Printing With Polystyrene

How To: Printing With Polystyrene

Total Art Soul has a GREAT idea for putting polystyrene containers to good use after you've emptied them of your takeout. Use them for printing. The super-simple process could be used to make art, greeting cards or even t-shirts. Besides the canvas/paper/fabric of your choosing and a polystyrene container, you'll need a pencil, paint or ink and a small roller. To see how it all comes together, visit Total Art Soul.

created at: 07/02/2012

created at: 07/02/2012


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alice on Oct 10, 2012:

is it a stamp?

alice on Oct 10, 2012:

ok, i like many things here, but the idea of not posting how it was done - i dislike very much!

Kate @ Our Little Sins on Jul 14, 2012:

Talk about serendipity .. I tweeted this post the other day because I love the idea and wante d to do it but polystyrene containers are rare in Australia. BUT, yesterday I bought something from a deli I've never been to before and it came on a polystyrene tray. It's pretty small but enough for what I want to do! Yay! 

Serena on Jul 09, 2012:

Clever idea!

Thrift Diving

Ivriniel on Jul 03, 2012:

You can also just colour the polystyrene with crayola markers and then press on to paper.

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