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Iris on Oct 25, 2012:


If it's not a problem, I'llgonna show it in Spain.

Muchas Gracias!! y Buen trabajo.



Joyce Del Rosario on Jul 21, 2012:

Oh my! These are lovely vases. I am going to try it these week. I can imagine them on my bookshelf <3

tali.orad on Jul 17, 2012:

Beautiful! I love it.

For an even spread of the paint you can also use spry paint.

Tali Design



Chris Gardner on Jul 16, 2012:

@Gen - Dab the paint in, don't brush. "Spounce" it, as the say. And never be afraid of an extra coat.

Gen on Jul 13, 2012:

Beautiful colors you got there! The picture got me real curious about how you dipped only the middle to paint, those lines really do give the dipped feel! I have never been able to use sponge brushes without leave really ugly sponge marks (worst than with a painbrush), got any tips?? Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous on Jul 09, 2012:

They look awesome!



Monsterscircus on Jul 09, 2012:

So lovely, and cool colours! I honest don't Think there's a vase left that hasen't been dip painted in our house! It's so funny to make, hope you'll have a wondeful Day!!!

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