How To: Make Colorful DIY Felt Storage Boxes

How To: Make Colorful DIY Felt Storage Boxes

It's no secret that I have an on-going love affair with felt. Add my obsession with little boxes and storage containers to the mix, and this DIY project is a no-brainer!   

created at: 06/07/2012

Jessica from the always fabulous and inspiring How About Orange created this easy-to-follow tutorial for making your own small storage containers out of that craft store staple, felt. Download her template and check out the instructions right here. (I imagine you could even make a larger version or one from a different material following the same basic template!)

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DesigningMom on Jun 09, 2012:

Add me to the l list of felt-a-holics! I love the stuff. Can't get enough of what all you can do with it. Thanks for sharing.

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