Roundup: 12 Awesome Handmade Cards for Father's Day

Roundup: 12 Awesome Handmade Cards for Father's Day
On Curbly, we're all over honoring the people and places we love in true handmade style, and no one deserves a special nod like the men in all our lives. Yesterday, we shared twenty manly gifts for Father's Day, and today we've collected twelve awesome Father's Day card ideas, all designed and printed by independent artists and craftspeople. To curate our selection, we turned to our friend Carina Murray of Crow and Canary, an artisanal stationery firm based in Portland, Oregon. Thanks to Carina, to the artists, and to all the great men out there.   
created at: 06/06/2012

1. Sass & Peril
2. Mr. Boddington's Studio
3. L2 Design Collective 
4. The Great Lakes

created at: 06/06/2012

5. Igloo Letterpress
6. A. Favorite Design
7. Gold Teeth Brooklyn
8. Sad Shop

created at: 06/06/2012

9. Beau Ideal
10. Able and Game
11. Quill and Fox
12. Plane Paper



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