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Wood Floor Makeover – Paint or Not?

by on May 7, 2012

Let’s talk wood floor makeovers, shall we? In particular PAINTED wood floors. Unquestionably, the one pictured above needed resuscitation, and the after is certainly head-turning. But looking at a painted floor and living with a painted floor are two different things. What do you think? Are painted wood floors divine or–if budget allows–is sanding and sealing the way to go? 

created at: 05/07/2012

Spotted at Homedit.

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  1. I just pulled my carpet up because I have COPD and really bad allergies and I found hardwood underneath it. do I need to sand it before I paint & then put polyurethane coating on to seal it?

  2. I pulled up carpet in our new home to find wood floors that had been painted twice. I had to dump paint thinner out and crawl around on my hands and knees with a razor blade trying to get the paint up. (still couldnt get it all up) We went through two sanders and about nearly 50 sanding pads. The white looks nice but its not an easy job getting that up. 

  3. I can see maybe years ago or depending on how old you are, you would want to refinish, but with the amazing artists out there and all the beautiful creations I’ve seen people creating with painting the floors just makes it so much more unique in so many ways. I restore houses for people who can’t afford a lot but are very creative and some of these houses under 50k are absolute masterpieces! I myself purchased our house knowing it was deemed unliveable and we did everything on our own spending less than $100 total per room and we owe about $30k on the mortgage but just had it appraised for $200k and we haven’t touched the outside. I say if you’re a creative person and can paint, spend less than $20 on paint and polyurethane rip up the icky carpet and make that floor look like a shiny black piano like I think I’m gonna be doing in a room of our house. It’s one of the few original rooms from 1930 with the real hardwood. Also if you absolutely have to have it “wood looking” it’s worth checking out the laminate planks. That sounds awful to some ppl but we did our whole kitchen in it only cost $150 and everyone that comes thru thinks it’s real wood. Some of the laminate is amazing quality at flooring outlet stores. If anyone is still on the fence after reading thru here, google “painted hardwood floors” and the designs are very easy but look so expensive and you’ll know you’ll have an absolute original!