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12 DIY Wall Art Ideas Using Silhouettes

by on May 9, 2012

I just walked around my house and made a quick inventory of how many silhouette images I have as wall art in my home.  The count currently stands at 10, but that number increases drastically depending on what holiday decor I have out throughout the year. 

You could argue that I like silhouettes.  A lot.

Here are 12 silhouette art ideas that might inspire yet another piece to add to my collection.   Let’s start with the classics, shall we?

1. Your standard silhouette in the form of a mini quilted wall hanging.  I am a quilter and a silhouette addict.  Yes and yes.

2.  An interactive take on the timeless silhouette!

3.  Family silhouettes in action, painted on fabric and wrapped around a wooden frame, like a canvas.

created at: 05/09/2012

4.  Some more timeless profile shots, except en masse.

5.  How about focusing on just a few features?  Marilyn won’t mind.

6.  Reverse the effect: wood grain has a whole new face.

Many butterflies are on the wall.

8.  Go for the 3-D effect, like this paper butterfly display.

created at: 05/09/2012

9.  Baby on the Brain?  A simple framed applique is a sweet greeting for new arrivals.

10.  Another kid-friendly silhouette idea, and the different colored animal images are an extra fun pop against the text background.

created at: 05/09/2012

11.  Confession… most of my silhouette wall art is of inanimate objects, like this wall cuckoo clock.

12.  And yes, I also have a giant set of utensils in my kitchen, so of course I’m a fan of these wood silverware silhouettes

How many silhouettes do you have around your home?



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