Build a Pet Crate Coffee Table

Build a Pet Crate Coffee Table

I once had a friend who asked if baby toys came in beige because they were so unsightly. You could say the same about dog crates. So Erin Loechner came up with a modern and practical solution.

Erin (of the rad blog Design for Mankind) couldn't take the eyesore of her dogs' crates any longer. And she and her husband needed a coffee table in their office. So they combined the problems for one genius solution.

modern DIY dog crate coffee table

They made sure to incorporate adequate ventilation with a raised top and side vents. They also added windows between each dogs' half of the crate so they could see and sniff each other.

Finally, they added a magnetic closure in the doors so, in case of an emergency, the dogs could get out. (She says they are disciplined enough to stay in their crate during the day.)

I think they did an amazing job. What lucky dogs! You can read more about this project on HGTV's blog, Design Happens.

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Carma on Aug 01, 2012:

We raise German Shorthaired Pointer's. We currently have our 6 adult dogs + 6 puppies from this years litter. 4 of my dogs can be trusted completely while 2 can't be trusted free range in the house when we aren't home. 3 sleep in bed with my husband & I (king sized lol), 3 sleep in their dog room. The puppies each have their own crate & 1 of our dogs has her own crate because she runs inside it & screams until we close the crate door at night. LoL! Obviously I'm an AKC breeder. I believe crate training is important both for the dog & the owner. Each individual dog has different idea's of their safe zone & each individual dog owner has the responsibility to choose what's best for their furry family member & the humans involved. With high-energy dogs that become bored easily a crate is highly recommended. With less active dogs, maybe not. What I don't believe in is keeping an outdoor-only dog. Some dogs, including my own, prefer to spend the majority of the day outside (we have a pet door), however I believe if your dog isn't a family member & given his/her own spot inside the home, you probably shouldn't own a dog. Just my opinion. ;-)

Anonymous on Jun 25, 2012:

I crate my dogs at feeding time to make sure everyone is eating the right amounts and so that any special needs animals get their special food or medications without conflict. At other times of the day and night, the crates are left open and the dogs often choose to go into them. Some of the dogs pace and get frustrated at times when no crate is available. They prefer them to the dog beds. I like the idea of incorporating crates into the home furnishings.

Jennifer on Jun 03, 2012:

There is a huge difference between crating a dog for awhile and crating a dog all day long.  I have a boy I adopted that spent the first two years of his life living in a shelter run, while bigger than a crate, it is hardly healthy, and his mental disabilities became worse from it.   I will also add, that if I want to ensure that my 70 lbs special needs mutt will have a long life, it is absolutely necessary that he be locked up when no body is home.  I've tried putting things away, building enormous barricades in front of the kitchens entrance, child locks, you name it..but when it comes down to it, my dog WILL get in the kitchen and into the trash, cabinets, and fridge one way or another.  He'll remove barricades, tear things down, tear things apart, he opens cabinets, fridges, you name it.  Some doors he will open, he can turn on the oven accidently by jumping up to sniff whats on it, and can open the oven.  Turns on faucets because running water is more appealing than water in a dish.  He's tried to literally eat walls, flooring, plates, and has successfully eating a glass bottle before.  He KNOWS he is not allowed to do this, and he is the perfect dog when someones here, but the minute he is left alone he turns into a stubborn jacka*s who does what he wants.  To me, I don't give a rats a*s what he could ever do to my house or furniture when I am away, it's about the havoc he creates for himself and the danger he puts himself in.

Anonymous on May 05, 2012:

CRATE if you don't want your damn house a mess when you return! I HAVE PICS TO PROVE IT unfortunately. Great project!

Stephani on May 03, 2012:

Crates are not punishment. Many dogs see them as a "safe place". I have a boxer, English bulldog, and a chocolate lab. They are all house animals. Using a crate was the fastest way to potty train them and keep them from mischief during the day while the family is gone so they would be safe. Every one of them go into their crates whenever they need to "get away" from the stimulation that goes on in a multi dog house with children without prompting from any of their human family.

charmander on May 03, 2012:

 I honestly do not undertand why people feel compelled to place their animals in boxes all day long. Why have an pet if it spends the majority if its day in a crate?

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