Roundup: 12 DIY Plant Marker Tutorials

Roundup: 12 DIY Plant Marker Tutorials
If you've ever planted something in your garden--vegetable or otherwise--and then subsequently forget what plant you planted in the spot until it produces fruit/vegetables/flowers, then you might need some plant markers. Luckily the intertubes are replete with ideas for making them. We'll start with simpler options and then work our way into fancy-schmancy territory.

We love paint stir sticks. In this case they are slathered in chalkboard paint and labelled with a china marker. The marker won't wash off in the rain but does come off with baby oil, so the stakes are re-markable.

garden marker diy

These colorful 'scratch off' plant markers will surely stand out in any garden. See more at Eat Clean Remix.

Make them interesting with color!

Plastic knife, sanded, painted, labelled, planted. Fin.

If you see some steel strapping laying around, you may want to give this idea a try.

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Small dowels and clothespins turn out to be a perfect combo in the plant marker world. So cute.

plant marker

Bamboo skewers and corks are another perfect pairing. See the tute at Eat Drink Better.

DIY plant marker

Getting fancier now....Martha uses stones stamped with dye-based (permanent) ink to make her natural plant markers.

Sort of like Martha's only more refined are these polymer clay stakes from Wit & Whistle.


DIY garden markers

Old spoons get a new job thanks to metal stamps. Shrimp Salad Circus shows us how to make them.

If you don't have antique spoons, how about forks? The top bit is actually a tin can lid removed using one of those safety lid openers that doesn't leave a sharp edge. Visit Pin and Paper for all the deets.


No forks? No worries. Diane used wire coat hangers (and orange juice can lids) to make her cute plant markers. With the addition of the beads, we're approaching jewelry territory here.

And, finally, we have Craft Jr's pictorial craft stakes. You'll need sticks, raffia, rubber cement or glass glue, clear glass 3/4" aquarium pebbles and this PDF of the veggie pics. The kiddos would love these, no?

garden markers large Garden Craft: Plant Markers Free Pattern Download



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Kath on Apr 17, 2012:

I use slats from an old vinyl mini-blind. I can cut them to whatever size I need them to be and one blind will provide hundreds of plant markers, so after my $5 mini-blind has served its purpose, it gets recycled instead of going to the landfill.

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