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DIY Wine Bottle Hanging Planters

by on Apr 18, 2012

 I’m guessing these wine bottle planters would be easy to replicate. First we’d have to cut off the bottom of the bottles. We wouldn’t be able to use potting soil as our planting medium. From the look of the pictures, it seems moss was used–perhaps peat? Wire bound or small rope tied just below the bottle’s threads is all we’d need to hang. What do you think? Have any further suggestions for a DIY attempt?

Spotted at Recycle Art.

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  1. Use a square of Chicken wire, about 8″ should do it, and formit into a ball around the plant medium.  Attaching a  wire (or cord) to the chicken wire and out through the neck of the bottle will hold the plants roots inside the bottle securely.  

  2. Fill the bottle with water. Hold it over the sink and hit it on the top with a rubber hammer or something that will not break the glass. Cavitation will tear of the bottom. For safety protect your hands!

  3. You can use diamonds bits on a rotary tool or a glass cutter to score the glass alternating heat and cold to break the bottom off. You could also use a flammable string, not one that melts but rather one that burns to ash, wrap that around the bottom of the bottle, burn the string until it’s gone, run the bottle under cold water immediately after the string is burned away and the bottle should break at the site of the burnt string.

    To hold the soil in maybe screen or cheese cloth layered and then tied like a parachute and attached to the cord threaded through the bottle neck. I’d think that would give enough space for the plants to grow through the cloth or screen while still holding back the soil until the roots grew enough to hold.