Make It: A Simple DIY Floating Clothes Rack!

Make It: A Simple DIY Floating Clothes Rack!

This DIY clothes rack is an awesome--and so, so simple--solution to small space or no-closet woes!   


I love the on-trend copper look, but you could spray paint the pipe to match your decor (or even paint it the same color as your walls so it "disappears"). This idea comes from Ivania Carpio over at Love Aesthetics and is one of the easiest projects on the planet. All you need is a pipe (whatever length you want), wire cable, and two hooks. Just thread the wire through, screw the hooks into the ceiling (you may need to anchor them), and hang it up! BAM. Done.

Check out more of Ivania's brilliant DIY ideas over on Love Aesthetics!

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Anonymous on Jul 24, 2012:

Love this Idea, my son has no closet and all the racks we have purchased just do not hold up to a "teen boy" I think this will be perfect!  I am thinking of using a PVC Pipe and spray paiting it, cheaper.  As for the Studded Hangers , make them!  :) 

Medford Oregon Photography on Apr 26, 2012:

What a simple and clever idea! We're moving soon into a place with small closets, so this seems ideal for us.

Anonymous on Apr 12, 2012:

Where can I get the studded hangers? I think I *need* them!

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