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A Little Spring Fun: How to Make Kissing Coasters

by on Apr 4, 2012

Hi!  I’m Alexandra Hedin – a lifestyle and entertaining expert from the Pacific Northwest.  I provide inspiration, recipes, and crafts for creating a lovely life.  It doesn’t take much to make everyday lovely – or to have fun.  And isn’t that what life is about? All week I’ll be here showing you how I threw together a little springtime affair that takes only a little thought and some good friends. 

The last two days I showed you a fabulous little cocktail and an appetizer to go alongside.  But now you need a spot to set your cocktail down… a fabulous coaster!  

These are really easy and really inexpensive to make so you can create them in any color for any season.  

created at: 03/25/2012

You’ll need:

  • 4×4 ceramic tile
  • Ceramic paint (available at the craft store)
  • Sticky back felt
  • 1/2 inch paint brush
  • Lip print stamp (optional)

Step 1: Paint your lips carefully with ceramic paint.  If you aren’t comfortable coating your lips with paint, use a lips print stamp.

Step 2: Kiss the tile carefully leaving a print.  Or use the stamp.

Step 3: Bake tile according to paint package instructions.  Remove from tile and let cool.

Step 4: Cut sticky back felt into 3.75 x 3.75 inch square.  Apply felt to the bottom side of the tile.  Press down well.  

Step 5: Place cocktail on and enjoy!

Stay tuned this week for the rest of the party including more recipes and more crafts!

Alexandra Hedin is a Lifestyle and Entertaining Expert based in the Pacific Northwest. In Winter of 2010, Alexandra’s debut book was released. Entertaining at Home features ten complete parties including menus, simple recipes, crafts and helpful tips for hosting your own event. Alexandra grew up in the bustling kitchen of a home economics teacher helping to feed a large extended family for holidays and regular weekends together. She still spends her free time cooking in her Seattle kitchen for her husband and two young children.

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  1. This is disgusting.  Who wants to look at a print of someone’s actual lips while they’re eating? Gack.