Before & After: A Dresser-Turned-Succulent Garden!

Before & After: A Dresser-Turned-Succulent Garden!

It's an old dumpy dresser, the kind we've seen a million times on Curbly.  But this time, this time it's getting a whole different kind of makeover!   


created at: 03/19/2012

SEE?  Now it's a succulent garden!  How cool is that?  Of course, I imagine Curt and Jessica of the blog Grizzly Bear Modern live in a pretty dry climate... what with the whole dresser being outside deal and, of course, the succulents.  But it's still a pretty cool idea that you could adapt with all kinds of furniture.  If you're curious how they did it, check out the full how-to (and more pics) over on Grizzly Bear Modern.

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Anonymous on Aug 18, 2013:

this is a great transformation i love how its been changed and instead of using some dull old pots its been transfered into a cabinte wow cant believe the transformation love it!

CapreeK on Apr 15, 2012:

Magee - Awesome! Post pics when it's all done! :)

Magee on Apr 14, 2012:

Just scored a great giant dresser with mirror for free on the curb- can't wait to plant it!

melodygaona on Mar 23, 2012:

So Cute!!! my moms always using used furniture like old chairs and latters in her garden. shes going love seeing this!

CapreeK on Mar 22, 2012:

Tali - Oh, definitely! This would be fun in a sun room!

TaliDesign on Mar 22, 2012:

I love it! I think it can be used in a green room or a shaded porch as well!

CapreeK on Mar 19, 2012:

I like the way you think, Jessica! ;)

Jessica Gibson on Mar 19, 2012:

Very cool!!!  This would even make a fantastic addition on a veranda or covered porch in a more wet climate.  Heck, if you wanted this could be in a living room.

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